Create a Stunning Visual Keepsake of Your Love…

How to Make Your Wedding More Beautiful, More Memorable and Meaningful
With a Unity Sand Ceremony

A Simple How-To Guide Perfect for Any Type of Wedding
or Vow Renewal Ceremony

From: Sharon Vaz
Author, Sand, Sound & Soul: The Complete Guide to the Unity Sand Ceremony

Dear Friend,

initialletter Homeour wedding should be an unforgettable occasion.

After all, it’s a celebration of the most romantic and meaningful commitment two people can make to each other.

From that day forward, your lives will be joined together as one. And the best way to commemorate this profound union is by including your own personal Unity Sand Ceremony into your wedding celebration.

A Symbolic Reminder of the Eternal Bond
of Your Wedding Vows

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The Unity Sand Ceremony is a beautiful complement to any wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

When you and your loved one pour your sands into your unity vase, you offer a symbolic demonstration of how your hearts have come together as one. And once poured, your sands mingle together and can never be separated – an enduring vision of how your lives have become forever intertwined.

And best of all, after you have poured your sand in this symbolic ceremony you will have a treasured keepsake that you can display in a special place in your home.

When your friends see your unity vase arranged in its place of honor they will be moved by its simple beauty and message of lasting love.

Did You Know That…

In 2003, “The Bachelorette” star Trista Rehn married Ryan Sutter in a lavish ceremony watched by over 26 million people worldwide – and their Unity Sand Ceremony was the most talked-about element of their wedding! (Coincidentally, Trista and Ryan are the ONLY couple from The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows who have enjoyed long-term success with their marriage.)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a lavish ceremony or something simpler and more intimate… The Unity Sand Ceremony is perfect for any budget and is an inexpensive and elegant way to make sure your wedding celebration leaves you with magical memories that will last a lifetime.

BUT There’s a Lot that You Need to Know
to Create the Perfect Ceremony

image002 HomeEven though the actual ceremony is quite simple and can be easily incorporated into any type of wedding celebration without too much planning, there’s a lot of advance research that must be done in order to pull it off without a hitch.

There are many questions you’ll need to answer in order to make your Unity Sand Ceremony the beautiful and symbolic event you want it to be. You’ll want to know the answer to questions such as…

  • Where can you buy the sand and the vases?
  • How much sand do you need?
  • How does the Unity Sand Ceremony fit in with the rest of the wedding ceremony?
  • What kind of vows are you supposed to recite when you pour the sands into your Unity vase?
  • Do the Unity Sand Ceremony vows complement the traditional wedding vows – or replace them?
  • Does the Unity Sand Ceremony work well with religious weddings, such as traditional Christian or Jewish? (The answer is YES.)
  • What role does your wedding officiant play?
  • How do you include children of previous relationships or other family members or friends in the pouring ceremony?
  • Who pours first?
  • How do you choose your colors to make sure they look beautiful and reflect the most important values of your relationship?
  • How do you create an attractive pattern when pouring the sands in your vase?
  • If you’re having a destination wedding, how do you pack your vase to ensure it doesn’t break or spill your precious sand all over your luggage?
  • How do you make sure your vase will fit with your home décor so you and your family and friends can appreciate its beauty for decades to come?

Finding the answers to all these questions can be a long and extremely time-consuming process. You’d have to spend many hours doing research online and scouring wedding magazines and books from your local library hunting down all the information you need. Because up until recently, the answers to all these questions were never located in one convenient place.
Save Yourself Hours of Work!
Discover the Hard-Won Secrets
of a Unity Sand Ceremony Expert
and Create Beautiful Memories
to Last a Lifetime!

After Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter of “The Bachelorette” fame got married in 2003 and conducted their own stunning Unity Sand Ceremony in front of 26 million people, many of my clients started asking me what I knew about this elegant ceremony.

seashell Home… And at first my answer was, “Not very much!”

But because I was determined to provide my clients with the beautiful and meaningful ceremony they desired, I got to work. Besides, I was intrigued by what they told me about the ceremony and wanted to know more about it myself.

As a lover of aesthetic beauty with over 20 years of professional experience in design and art direction, I fell instantly in love with the simple elegance of the unity sand ceremony – and became obsessed with learning everything I could about it.

I’ll spare you the grisly details, but I spent hundreds of hours doing research online and off, accumulating all the information I could find.

And I discovered that though this beautiful ceremony has a long tradition – having been practiced for hundreds of years by both American Native Indians and Hawaiians – not much had ever been written on the subject.

So I consulted with representatives of those cultures as well as other experts in the wedding industry.

And I created a unique design approach for defining unity sand ceremony color palettes and sand pouring sequences that are guaranteed to produce beautiful and symbolic patterns – something no one else had ever done before.

And then I worked with my clients to incorporate this wonderful new element into their weddings to create ceremonies that their guests later called, “unforgettable” and “breathtakingly beautiful.”

Since then, I’ve personally helped hundreds of couples plan their own uniquely beautiful Unity Sand Ceremonies.

I’ve helped them write Unity Sand Ceremony vows that work for all different types of wedding ceremonies, from casual beach weddings to lavish traditional Christian church weddings…

I’ve helped them incorporate their loved ones into the ceremony so it reflects the miracle of their two worlds coming together as one…

I’ve helped them select the vases and sands that created lasting works of art they now proudly display in their homes…

… And I’ve helped them choose the perfect sand colors to represent the love they feel for each AND beautifully complement their home décor.

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“The Unity Sand Ceremony was a much nicer idea than other ceremonies because it’s something that we’ll always have. And the comments we got on the ceremony were unbelievable. People, including the bishop, thought that it was just awesome.”
Linda Bain, Prince Edward Island, Canada

As I’ve done my research and worked with my clients, I have taken notes on everything I’ve learned so that I could compile all that information in one place and share it with anyone who was interested in including a Unity Sand Ceremony in their wedding celebration.

Over the years, I have spent literally 1000s of hours accumulating all this information – so you don’t have to.

All the Details You Need
to Create a Magical Wedding Experience

alarmclock HomeIf you’re in the process of planning a wedding – whether it’s your own or someone else’s – you’re probably pretty busy right now.

After all, what with the ceremony, reception, catering, and honeymoon to be arranged – not to mention dealing with all the family stuff and wedding party drama that can sometimes occur – there’s so much that needs to be done.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to accomplish before the wedding, you might think that adding a Unity Sand Ceremony to your wedding celebration might prove to be too challenging.
Please don’t worry…

… With the information you’re about to discover, you’ll soon find this to be the easiest and most enjoyable part of your wedding planning!

By following the helpful guidelines you’ll discover in my recently updated  eBook, Sand, Sound & Soul: The Complete Guide to the Unity Sand Ceremony, you can easily incorporate this elegant ceremony into your wedding and create an unforgettable memory your family and friends will talk about for years to come.

You’ll discover…

  • How to incorporate your Unity Sand Ceremony seamlessly into any type of wedding service or vow renewal ceremony
  • How to make sure your Unity Sand Ceremony vows complement your traditional marriage vows and enhance their message of love and unity
  • Tips on how to ignite your creativity if you want to write your own vows or customize one of the ready-made vows provided
  • How to involve your friends and loved ones in the ceremony
  • For blended families with children from previous relationships – how to celebrate the love that now binds all of your lives together
  • The role your officiant plays in helping to conduct this beautiful ceremony
  • How to choose and layer your sands for maximum visual impact
  • Packing tips to ensure your vase makes the journey home safely
  • Helpful suggestions on how to display your Unity vase in your home

This easy-to-follow guide is the result of 100s of hours of research and many years’ worth of ceremony planning experience and answers every question you may have about how to plan the perfect Unity Sand Ceremony.

Attention Wedding Officiants

ceremony HomeAre you worried because one of your soon-to-be-wed couples has been asking to include a Unity Sand Ceremony into your wedding service – but you have no idea what this ceremony involves? Fret no longer… this simple guide tells you everything you need to know to ensure the loving couple can celebrate their union in an elegant and unforgettable way.

Are You Planning a Destination Wedding? 

“One of the most popular elements of today’s destination weddings” – June 2, 2009, Antigua Sun
couplebeachtwo120px HomeA Unity Sand Ceremony is a perfect way to commemorate the glorious setting where you two dedicate your lives to each other. By including some of the sand from the beach where you recited your vows or frolicked on your honeymoon, you help preserve that moment in time and create a treasured visible reminder of the day your hearts joined as one.

(And don’t worry about getting your vase home safely in one piece… you’ll discover useful easy-to-follow packing tips that will ensure your vase will be a cherished keepsake that will last for generations.)

Do You Have Children from a Previous Relationship?

child120px HomeThe Unity Sand Ceremony is a beautiful way to encourage inclusiveness from the very beginning. It ensures your children play an active role in your wedding and shows them that they are a vital, integral part of your new family. It’s the perfect way for you to display your deep emotional commitment to children of previous relationships.

Plus, our simple to follow pouring guides and diagrams will show you how to create a beautiful Unity Vase incorporating all your children.

Create a Unique and Meaningful Ceremony
And Save Yorself Many Hours of Work
And Needless Stress in the Process

swatches HomeYou want your Unity Sand Ceremony to be a personal and deeply symbolic event.

But maybe you don’t have the time to create your vows completely from scratch and figure out how you want your officiant to introduce the ceremony, and you certainly can’t afford to spend hours researching color psychology to figure out which hues best represent the love you share with your partner.

That’s why I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to draw on the experience of those who have gone before you – and still create a deeply meaningful ceremony that’s uniquely YOU.

To save you time and needless stress, this comprehensive guide also includes…

  • 34 unique vows that can be used at any type of wedding or vow renewal ceremony
  • 7 sample “Officiant Introductions” you can provide to your minister, priest, rabbi, or other officiant to use as is or customize for your unique ceremony
  • 17 visual pouring diagrams that demonstrate how to layer your sands to create breathtakingly beautiful patterns
  • A detailed breakdown of the 5 main “Color Moods” you can create by blending certain colors of Unity sands together – and how to pick the mood that best symbolizes your relationship. Are you “Dramatic?” “Romantic?” “Traditional?” … The answer might surprise you.
  • PLUS: Helpful relationship tips on how to see through the “window” of your partner’s soul, in order to make sure you’re always on the same page and can communicate honestly and clearly with each other.

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“I liked how many options there were and the ability to mix and match introductions, ceremonies and ALL the variations and the great pictures as examples.”
Bek Milne, Civil Marriage Celebrant, Perth, Western Australia

helenemberly1 Home
“After hours of looking at individual websites with info on the sand ceremony and trying to piece it together to create one of my own for an upcoming wedding, I was able to look at your table of contents, go to the pages I needed and have the ceremony for this couple ready to present to them for approval in about 10 minutes. They loved what I chose to say and which way I chose to include their children in the ceremony.”
Rev. Helen Emberly, Rohnert Park, California

pic003 Home
“This was such a great help for all of us. Our officiant didn’t have much experience with the sand ceremony itself. And your book helped a great deal by providing several sample introductions to choose from. It also really eased our minds knowing the order for which things should happen as well as the most appropriate vows for us to say during the ceremony.”
Tonya Hayden, Alpharetta, Georgia

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“The outline and suggestions about the ceremony and the wording were very helpful. It made it easy to involve my friends and family. And the suggested words for use in the other parts of the ceremony was another major benefit I really appreciated.”
Dawn Streett, Alberton, Montana

A Simple Guide to Help You Create Memories
That Will Last a Lifetime

ebookcover300px 245x300 HomeThis short 160-page eBook is a super quick read… You can easily go through it cover to cover in a single night. And once you’ve read it you will know absolutely everything you need in order to make your wedding truly unique, meaningful, and elegant.

The Unity Sand Ceremony is the perfect way to create wedding memories that last a lifetime.

… Planning an outdoor wedding? The Unity Sand Ceremony is so much more reliable than the similar Unity Candle Ceremony – because you don’t have to worry about the candle blowing out.

… Getting married on the beach? You can include some of the sand from your destination to remember the beautiful and romantic setting where your hearts joined to become one.

… Looking for some way to make a traditional wedding more hip and unique? The Unity Sand Ceremony is the perfect touch.

Plus, the sand-filled vase you and your loved one create will become an elegant keepsake that you and your loved ones will treasure forever.

But in order to pull this meaningful ceremony off without a hitch – and save yourself dozens of hours on the computer doing hair-pulling research and stressing over your vows – you need the kind of information you can only find in my helpful how-to guide, Sand, Sound & Soul: The Complete Guide to the Unity Sand Ceremony.

It contains all the information you need to make your Unity Sand Ceremony amazing, and will save you huge amounts of time in the process.

As a professional Unity Sand Ceremony consultant, normally I charge couples $100/hour for my services… but you can get the benefit of my expertise for just a fraction of the cost!

Even though this easy-to-read guide is the result of hundreds of hours of research and many more hours of direct ceremony planning experience, I’m happy to let you have it for only $17.97.

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“I appreciated all the varieties of vows. Was very helpful in planning the ceremony I’m creating.”
Caryn Aman, Celebrant, Portland, Oregon

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“I used Sand, Sound and Soul to help me as an officiant at a wedding where the couple wanted to incorporate the
Unity Sand ceremony. It’s lovely to have something new and original that’s individual to each bridal couple, plus the ability for other members of the family to participate too. Also, the couple really appreciated having a permanent “sand memorial” which they can keep for their anniversary.”
Marilyn Wardell, Justice of the Peace, Milford, Connecticut

pic005 Home
“The bride and groom needed guidance on how the sand ceremony works. I used your book for reference and it was very helpful. We had the officiant read a couple paragraphs I pulled from the book as an explanation so the guests would understand the sand ceremony. If we had not done that, they would have done the ceremony in silence.”
Jeanette Hill Beautiful Weddings with Jeanette, Tacoma, Washington

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“What I liked best was the background information on the ceremony for the person that (actually) performed the ceremony. It was also a great benefit to see the helpful wording of vows and when and how to incorporate the sand ceremony into the wedding.”
Rebecca Light, Virgina

narellemurray Home
“What I liked best about “Sand, Sound and Soul” was how appropriate the wording was and all the ideas that were provided. This is the only book I have found that provides vows for a variety of sand ceremonies. Because of the simplicity of all the explanations, I have complete confidence in any ceremony I officiate in the future.”
Narelle Murray, Civil Marriage Celebrant, Sanctuary Point, NSW, Australia

Still Wondering if the Unity Sand Ceremony
is Right for You?

bride HomeThe best way to answer that question is to check out a risk-free trial version of this how-to book and see for yourself exactly how simple it can be to pull off this elegant, unforgettable ceremony.

After all, when you’re already stressing over your wedding budget, why should you have to pay full price for something if you’re not absolutely sure you’re going to use it?

That’s why I’m happy to help you eliminate your doubts by taking a three-week “test-drive” of this eBook first for only $1.97.

That’s right – for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can get your hands on this useful how-to guide and keep it for a full 21 days as you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

If you decide for whatever reason that you want to return the eBook before the end of the three-week trial, please feel free to cancel your trial, no questions asked.

If you decide to keep this indispensable resource, the remaining balance of $16 will be billed to you at the end of the 21 days – and you will be able to draw on the valuable information contained in this simple how-to guide right up until your wedding day and beyond.

Save yourself many hours of frustrating research – and discover how to create the elegant and meaningful ceremony of your dreams.

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YES! I’d Like to Discover…
the Secrets of How to Easily Create
a Beautiful and Symbolic Unity Sand Ceremony
that Will Make My Wedding Unforgettable.

I understand I will get:

  • 160 pages of simple, easy-to-follow tips on how to create the perfect Unity Sand Ceremony
  • 34 unique vows that can be used as is or customized for any type of wedding or vow renewal ceremony
  • 7 sample “Officiant Introductions” to make my wedding officiant’s life a lot easier
  • 17 visual pouring diagrams to show us how to layer our sands and create breathtakingly beautiful patterns
  • Tips on how to pick the perfect “Color Mood” that symbolizes our love for each other

Plus, I know that I can make full use of this information for just $1.97 (that’s 90% off its regular price!) for a full 21 days. And if during that time I discover that I’m not 110% thrilled, I can cancel my trial no questions asked and the remaining $16 will not be billed to me.
To claim your 21-day trial today,
click on the Add to Cart button

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I wish you great joy in your wedding,

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Sharon Vaz
Author, Sand, Sound & Soul: The Complete Guide to the Unity Sand Ceremony

P.S. For only $1.97 you can get your hands on this valuable information for a full 21 days! It’s the perfect no-risk way to discover how the Unity Sand Ceremony can make your wedding truly magical. Claim your copy now. P.S. Every time you look at your Unity Vase, you will be reminded of the most beautiful day of your life – the day your hearts joined to become one. Discover how to create the perfect keepsake!